So... who's in the band?

Matt Lead Vocals

Matt once spent an entire month building a replica version of the Sydney Opera House out of sponges, jelly and talcum powder which he planned to be a quarter of the size, but due to a cock-up with his order, the delivery company got him eight times the materials. Undeterred, Matt built the replica Sydney Opera House in his living room which turned out to be double the size and took over the whole house. This proved to be quite the burden to Matt and his housemates as it meant they had nowhere to sleep, however as the well known saying goes; “If you build an accidentally too big version of the Sydney Opera House in your house, just get on with it and stop bloody moaning you millennial”

INTERESTING FACT: Matt’s day job is the poster boy of ‘Milk’ where he singlehandedly wrote the incredibly popular advertising slogan; ‘Milk. It’s alright, innit?’

Dan Keyboards

DAN spends his days walking through his home town telling youths to 'pull your bloody trousers up', 'dress properly', and 'get a bloody job ya heathens'. The saddest thing about this is that Dan has never had a job, or indeed a purpose in life. He once spent 2 months in Sainsbury's pretending to work there and was so inconspicuous that he managed to create a home for himself in the hummus aisle. One day, Dan hopes to meet a girl called Destiny, and have a child with her so he will literally have Destiny's Child.

INTERESTING FACT: Whenever Dan claps his hands, a baby animal dies. This can cause havoc at the gigs and sporting events that he goes to.

Paul Lead Guitar

PAUL never had a childhood. From an early age, he was a showbiz baby and has practically stayed that way ever since. In his latest role, he can be seen starring as the banjo player in the Cow & Gate baby milk advert – he loves a bit on Come On Eileen! He has played guitar on some of the world’s biggest stages with people like Slash, Noel Gallagher, Keith Richards and Bruce Springsteen. It wasn’t actually them....just people like them. He only plays custom made guitars with odd number strings and has more pedals than the organ in St Paul’s Cathedral.

INTERESTING FACT: A bit like taxi drivers have ‘The Knowledge’, Paul knows all the parking restrictions for every street in the Greater London area. Impressive, eh?

Sam Drums/Percussion

SAM once spent a year learning the drumming parts to ‘I’m So Excited’ by the Pointer Sisters for an audition for the pop trio, however they decided to go for H from Steps instead. Depressed, he moved to a cave in the South of England to reinvent himself as the finest drummer with a moustache. The interesting thing about Sam’s moustache is it’s completely transparent, so we still don’t know if it’s for real or in fact, a fake moustache. And Sam never tells.

INTERESTING FACT: Whilst cleaning, Sam only ever washes his left foot. He believes to wash his right foot encourages the devil to only let him play in 3/4 which is inconsistent with the majority of popular music”.

Steve Bass Guitar

STEVE created the phrase 'LOL'. However this is tinged with sadness, as Steve has never actually laughed out loud or even smiled in his entire life. Hour after hour we spent telling Steve jokes in a vain attempt to make his lips turn upwards. Since then all jokes and humour have been banned from Hustler in fear of pushing Steve's already fragile mental state. Tell him something amusing at your peril…

INTERESTING FACT: Steve adores cheese on toast, but only on the 'top side'. We haven't worked out what the 'top side' is, but if we get it wrong, he'll hurl it at the wall and scream: "STEVE DEVLIN DON'T EAT NO BOTTOM SIDE CHEESE TOAST" and run through the wall, leaving behind a Steve Devlin shaped hole and 4 stunned Hustler members.

“Dear Hustler, I have to say a massive thank you to all of you for such an amazing show at our wedding reception. Everyone commented on how brilliant you were from the songs to the tight performance. We definitely needed a bigger dance floor!”

Mr & Mrs Batchelor, Their Wedding, London

“Oh My God I LOVE this one!!”

Anon, but heard at every gig we have ever done!

“Absolutely cracking band, played for my 40th party recently and really made the night! Great mix of new and old music that had everyone up and dancing! ”

Phil, 40th Birthday, London

“You made our evening - our friends are all raving about you. We are planning a summer party and want you back for that too. You're all immensely talented and as good as the originals you are covering! See you at the next gig...”

Marisa, JDRF charity event, Cobham

“Thanks so much for performing at our wedding last night. Mark & I both said you made the night! Everyone commented on how brilliant you were...thank you!”

Gemma & Mark's Wedding, Burnham

“Awesome, an amazing set from start to finish - All killer, no filler!”

Sully, one of the crowd, Prince of Wales Beer Festival

“I can’t believe HUSTLER sound so fantastic and so true to the classic songs we picked, it was like having the actual band playing! AMAZING”

Matty, 30th birthday party, Cornwall

“HUSTLER you certainly know how to party, and made ours go with a swing…!”

Jess and David. charity fundraiser, Gloucestershire.