Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you’ve read the website and know a little bit more about us, here’s some questions that we frequently get asked... and some answers of course.

What type of events do you play?

We’ll basically play at any event that requires live music.  Pub, Party, Wedding, Corporate Hospitality, Stadium, Back Garden – you name it and we’ve probably done it both in the UK and abroad.  We are happy to travel anywhere in the world – 48 hours notice required.

How much do you charge?

It’s usually the first question that people ask so thanks for your patience.  The simple answer is it just depends on your requirements so we can’t really offer a fixed price menu.  Bookings within the M25 area will be cheaper than a garden party in France for example.  One 60 minute set will be cheaper than three 40 minute sets – you get the idea.  The best way to find out is contact one of our skilled negotiators so that we can manage your expectations and come to a sensible and affordable deal. 

Can I pick the setlist?

Errrr...yes and no.  Yes you can pick some of the songs and no you can’t pick all of the songs.  Hey, it’s your function so it’s only fair that you get to have your say but we are very experienced in knowing what songs work and more importantly when the song works best.  Our setlist reads like the best party album you could ever buy so you’re gonna hear some cracking tunes anyway.

Can you learn my favourite song?

Of course we long as it’s not Come On Eileen or Mustang Sally.  Or Sweet Home Alabama.  Actually, there’s a few more too but we won’t bore you.  We’d love to have a go at your favourite song whether it’s for a first dance or whether it just reminds you of your faithful hound - just include the request in the email.  It goes without saying that the song has to be ‘doable’ so anything recorded with full symphony orchestras or gospel choirs are probably a bit beyond us.

How long do you play for?

Most functions usually work best as two sets of either 40 minutes or 60 minutes.  We are also able to play three sets of 40 minutes but that only suits some events so we would tend to favour the traditional two set approach.  But, as we mentioned before, it’s your function so we can work with you depending on your requirements.

Can you provide other music?

Yes, we’re happy to provide an iPod type playlist of music while guests arrive, during our breaks and after we finish.  It’s no substitute for live music but some people like it.  You can also provide your own playlist to run through our PA since we know that a little bit of control is good for the soul.  Here’s the best bit – we don’t charge for that.

How long will the band take to setup?

Ideally we’d like 90 minutes but it can be a lot quicker if we’re pressed for time and it all depends on the venue layout.  If we can set up before your guests start to arrive at the function then all the better but if that’s not possible we will be super quiet and discreet.  We’ll even put our phones on silent.

What gear do you use?

Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums and Vocals – all made by clever people in factories around the world (except vocals but we know how they are made).  It’s all top notch gear too so if you need to know more just ask. Our guitar and bass players would like nothing more than to talk to you about how twangy the strings are or how much vacuum there is in the tube amp.  You have been warned.  We’ve got lights too – flashy ones, blinky ones, fadey ones, lasery ones - they make your dance moves look legendary so your Grandad can go viral on YouTube in no time.  

How do you dress?

We dress to suit the occasion so you can rest assured that we will look the part and not be an embarrassment or eyesore.  Our mums allow us to buy or own clothes now so it’s not all like uniform wallpaper on stage.  We’re also happy to accommodate if your function has a theme – kilts are good....less laundry.

What about the technical and legal stuff?

Ok, since you asked, here goes.  We are fully insured for professional and public liability and all our electrical equipment is PAT tested and complies with current regulations.  All certificates can be provided in advance or before we set up for the function.  We minimise risk to the public and work with the venue to ensure that we comply with their statutory obligations.  When considering space we would like an area of about 4m x 3m for all our kit although if a smaller area is provided it may take longer to set up.  We require at least 2x 13amp plug sockets to be available within 3 metres of the playing area.  If you would prefer it, we will liaise with the venue regarding the technical specifications so that’s one less thing to worry about.     

Thanks for reading this. There are probably many more questions that haven’t been answered above so please feel free to email or call us if you want to know anything else. We appreciate that you might not have ever had the need to book a band before so it’s probably all a bit alien at the moment but we’ll do our best to help you through it. Even if you don’t end up booking with us you’ll be much better informed to carry on your search for the perfect band for your function.